About Us

Today everything you do in your business is enabled by technology and understanding technology, established or emerging,  is at the core of everything we do at Smithos. With our clients we help define their vision and plan the journey to get them there supported by the technological solutions they need to compete and grow.

Helping clients improve their use of established technologies to improve business performance is one element of our service offering; identifying emerging technologies and how businesses can rapidly take advantage of these over their competition is another. This is critical in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape where a small shift in technology can have severe disruptive consequence for both business and markets.

We look at emerging technologies and how they are likely to impact both your business and the way your customers engage with you. Helping you plan ahead for emerging technologies,  how you can make the most  of them and what effect they will have on your existing technology will ensure your business remains effective and ahead of your competitors.

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Smithos Technology Services is the technology arm of Smithos Ltd.