Staying informed of your network services

performance has never been easier!

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Whether your interest is a connected home, an independent coffee shop, or an international communications network, there’s a Solution Package that fits your size and budget.  As your system scales you can upgrade at any time and continue using the devices you’ve purchased.

   Access information from any  smartphone with the dedicated App

  • Activate your ViC Agent
  • Add/Modify WiFi SSID credentials
  • Name/Rename Sensor
  • Manage Alerts
  • View Performance Metrics and Time Series data by Day, Week, Month, Hour of Day
  • View RF Parameters, Signal Strength, Overlapping Channel Count

                       See your detailed performance                                                from any browser                    

  • Manage your Agents
  • Organize data by property, region, or any other group
  • Invite other users to view select data
  • Set up and manage alerts and performance notifications
  • Drill into performance
  • Visualize data
    • RF channel occupancy and signal levels
    • Network performance – throughput, latency and packet loss
    • Application performance – YouTube, Dropbox, Web Browsing etc. 

Manage your agent portfolio across your enterprise

  • Record and manage captive portal navigation
  • Customize test plans
  • Create your own meta-data for device management
  • Manage SSID registries and association with Agent groups
  • Manage Cellular registries and APN settings
  • Integrate custom data-feeds