Frequently Asked Questions

  • Download the myEPITIRO app ( both iOS and Android available). Login using the account email address provided.
  • Plug-in your ViC agent.
  • Follow instructions in your quickstart guide to activate and connect your ViC agent to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Once the ViC agent is activated and configured, you can move it to a desired location within your business.
  • The sensor starts testing and monitoring your network immediately. However, your first results may take up to 30 minutes to post.
  • A new test cycle starts every 25 minutes. Your mobile app will update results for each test cycle.

ViC agents only execute periodic network and application performance tests.  ViC agents does not collect any data from Wi-Fi users or about Wi-Fi users.

The mobile application enables you to receive alerts and notifications delivered to your smartphone and/or email.

The agent performs a comprehensive WiFi scan of signals received by all BSSIDs.

  • The number of SSIDs that are tested depends on which service plan you subscribe to.
    • myEPITIRO personal and myEPITIRO pro allow for a single SSID and ethernet test. If the SSID is transmitting on 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz, it will test them both.
    • myEPITIRO enterprise allows for multiple unique SSIDs to be tested in each test cycle
  • The test cycle time is dependent on your service plan.
    • myEPITIRO personal = 25 minutes test cycle
    • myEPITIRO pro = 25 minutes test cycle
    • myEPITIRO enterprise = customer chooses test cycle time

Captive Portal login is supported in myEPITIRO enterprise